Mrs Masuda Begum

Mrs. Masuda Begum, Father: Shahabuddin Sarder Mother: Hanufa Begum was born in Narayanganj on 15 May,1969. She comes of a respectable Muslim family. In the early age (girlhood) she was kind enough to the poor and distressed people. She associated herself with various socio economic development organizations. She started work with backward people, specially women. She was also elected commissioner of Narayangonj municipal corporation in a period of 1983 to 1988.

By organizing backward and distressed people she formed cooperative societies in deferent areas. Through these societies people who are left behind in the society have received the light to develop their socio-economic condition. Thus she become familiar and famous in co-operative sector. She was also elected as Vice Chairman in Narayangonj Upozila Central              co-operative association (BRDB) for several times.

Later she was elected Chairman of Bangladesh Samabay Shilpa Sangstha Ltd. a nation wide co-operative society. Under his successful leadership the society was established as a successful and profitable co-operative society.

At a special general meeting held on July 11, 2019 he was elected as the Chairman of Bangladesh Co-operative Insurance Ltd.